Hey, Its Kirsten. I love poetry and have quite a few favorites. Some of the poems I like are by famous Poets but some are unknown. I’ve decided to share some of my recent favorites with you. Hope you enjoy! Where the Sidewalk Ends By: Shel Silverstein  There is a place where the sidewalk ends […]

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Our planet is dying.

Did you know we’re poisoning our planet in all kinds of ways? Plastics get in the ocean and are shredded into microscopic pieces (all the plastic combined is equivalent to the size of the U.S.) that kills off shellfish and other creatures, which could ultimately destroy the entire food chain. There isn’t even a safe […]

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We are two of a kind. Literally two people with the same kinds of opinions. Although we may differ on a few topics sometime in the future, but it’s always good to hear both sides of an argument.



My name is Kirsten, Im 15, almost 16, and I am a very opinionated person.  I am also one of the most random people you will ever meet, which is why this blog was created .  my co-blogger, Jeremiah and I, have a bunch of things that we believe are important to us that we would like to share with the world. some are not so important. :)From Japanese Anime, to our own life experiences, you can see it all on here. Sometimes we will just feel like ranting and talk about whatever is on our mind, or sometimes we might actually have something of importance to discuss, but whatever the case, it will be here 🙂


My name is Jeremiah and I’m 21 years old. Kirsten and I both thought it would be a great idea to co-blog and discuss important topics such; as the poisoning of our worlds’ water, animal rights, nearly unstoppable cosmic threats or the reforestation of our planet. Even the not-so-important subjects, like a new movie or book that we’ve become attached to and want to let the world know what we think.  But of course, everything is open for public discussion.



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